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           Investors in today’s environment need and deserve investments that offer a level of safety and security without losing complete control. Ashley Investment Group offers innovative solutions and sound advice to help you meet your long and short term goals. An in depth analysis by our team of investment specialists assures you will see the best properties in the best locations. Our management team is experienced and our due diligence process is second to none.

            Today’s investor knows the importance of specializing in what they do and they strive every day to do it better than everyone else. They also seek quality investments where they can leverage off of the knowledge and skill of other entrepreneurs, like Ashley Investment Group. We know you are looking for the best place to put your money and we understand you demand the integrity and professionalism you exhibit in your own investment strategy.

You know that traditional investments offering higher returns usually equates to greater risk. Any investment advisor will tell you that. However Wall Street is operating a very well-oiled marketing machine and most advisors don’t understand the obvious advantages to real estate investments – and those that do won’t tell you about it because they can’t sell it!

Higher returns does not necessarily mean greater risk in the world of real estate, and when it comes to apartment buildings the risk is greatly reduced. Investing in manufactured home properties is one of the best alternative investments.

You Can Enjoy

passive income with no effort or management responsibilities
Participate in rapid appreciation by investing in emerging markets
Reduce your taxable income
Secure your investment in a tangible asset

          Ashley Investment Group and its management team have the experience, skill, and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Back to the drawing board

That’s why many Investors are reconsidering their retirement plans.

They know day-to-day living expenses will continue to increase.

They’re also looking for ways to decrease their taxable income.

Investments in manufactured home communities with Ashley Investment Group can help you do it.

What if you could…

Reduce your risk
Make more money
Build your wealth

… by investing in bigger transactions that produce bigger returns? With Ashley Investment Group, manufactured home communities offer normal people the ability to invest in bigger transactions that produce bigger returns that only the most wealthy people in America experience every single day.

Who wants an investment that offers strong returns, reduces risk and acts as a hedge against inflation and market uncertainty while providing superior yields to other investments?

We all do!

That’s why today’s investors know the best use of their time is to continue doing what they do best and rely on the experience and expertise of other professionals to help them plan for the future. Ashley Investment Group and its management team have the experience, skill, and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

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