business professionals

        Many business professionals are seeking high-yield, double digit investment opportunities. They want to put their money in an asset that will grow in value very quickly, but they don’t want to lose sleep worrying about it nor do they want to manage the day-to-day operations of the investment.

Ashley Investment Group can help. As an added bonus, manufactured home communities with Ashley Investment Group are low-risk investments.

Household net worth fell by $17.5 trillion (over 25 percent) from 2007 to 2009. This is an equivalent loss to 1 year of GDP. After “recovering” a little over 1 percent by the forth quarter of 2009, we need “only” 21 percent additional growth to bring the household net worth to where it was before the recession.

Back to the drawing board

That’s why many business professionals are reconsidering their retirement plans. They know day-to-day living expenses will continue to increase. They’re also looking for ways to decrease their taxable income. Investments in apartment buildings with Ashley Investment Group can help you do it.

What if you could…

Reduce your risk
Make more money
Build your wealth… investing in bigger transactions that produce bigger returns? With Ashley Investment Group, manufactured home communities offer normal people the ability to invest in bigger transactions that produce bigger returns that only the most wealthy people in America experience every single day.

Who wants an investment that offers strong returns, reduces risk and acts as a hedge against inflation and market uncertainty while providing superior yields to other investments?

We all do!

That’s the type of investment opportunities you will find with Ashley Investment Group.